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  • Ground Manager
    Operations managers; supervision of all infrastructure and facilities, general troubleshooting;…

  • Ground Manager Assistants
    Technical bench facilities; team bench facilities (water / ice) ; seating suspended players; watering; checks of goals, sideboards and corner flags; lighting; managing competition balls; control of unauthorised pitch entry; …
  • Technical Officers
    The person appointed on the match sheet to control the match from the table.  The Technical Officer has to have experience.
  • Judges
    Timekeeper (siren) for both warm-up time and game; administration (team list; match report & progressive score sheet).  Can also be asked by the technical officer to do other things during a specific match (uniform and equipment inspection; line-up; monitoring behaviour; managing substitutions;…)
  • Tournament Organisation Officers
    Planning of trainings and games; responsible for tournament office; daily scoreboard;…
  • Administration
    Assistants to the Tournament Organisation Officer and Organizing Committee; event communication; managing team lists; preparation of daily team lists; input Altius;…
  • Changing Room Officers
    Organisation and supervision of changing rooms;…
  • Venue Cleanliness
    Supervision of cleanliness of all facilities;…
  • Emergency and Security Services
    Contact for emergency services; first aid facilities & operations; Red Cross liaison; Security;...
  • Logistics Coordinators
    General organisation of facilities and services; ICT facilities
  • Merchandising & Cash Desk
  • Info Desk & Hospitality
    Welcoming; Daily hosts; general questions; contact with hotels; transport services; restaurant services; cultural events; contact to emergency services;…
  • Team Liaisons
    Assisting teams in all needs
  • Volunteers Management
    Planning of volunteers

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